Quick Tips on Improving Potential Crop Yield for Your Corn Crops

To ensure successful farming for years to come, farmers look to their crop yields, and potential crop yield, as an indicator of their farm's profitability. It is important to find new ways to be continually improving these yields. 


Here are a few ideas:


Start Planting when your Soil is Ready

Science and technology advancements have been a great aid to farming. There are now soil tests that can be performed to determine whether your soil is ready for planting or not.


Even if you plan on planting hybrid seeds for the benefits they bring, without having your soil analyzed, all of your efforts will be for nothing. You need to know whether the ground you’re setting your seeds in contains all the necessary ingredients for survival.


So if test results indicate favorable soil conditions earlier than the expected planting period, take advantage of it. There’s a good chance of an increased yield if you plant early.



Plant an Alternative Crop after One Corn Season

Repetitively planting corn on corn impacts the overall yield. You won't be able to achieve an optimal yield if you keep planting corn continually. While this may work if your soil is in good condition, but if not, it's best to plant alternative crops to give your soil enough time to rest. Soil that hasn't had heavy demands expected of it tends to yield more and ensure yearly production.



Determine Yield Potential to Manage Expectations

Farming isn’t just about planting a seed in hopes that it flourishes and makes a profit. It’s also about understanding potential crop yield in order to determine a successful harvest. Knowing this is important so you have an idea of how to improve matters for the next harvest.



Walk Around your Field

Science and technology may make things easier, but it still helps to go out into the field and inspect conditions yourself. Doing so also allows you to check the condition of the soil and find out if there are any weeds growing. Most of all, a physical visit to the field lets you know if your corn crops are healthy.



Manage Water Effectively

Running a sustainable farm isn’t all about determining the potential crop yield then making improvements. It’s also about properly managing the essential needs of your crops. Water is the perfect example since corn crops can’t have too much or too little – it just needs the right amount. Installing a drainage system can prevent issues that prevent growth and affect production.



Use Quality Seeds

Having good soil for planting is just one part of a successful planting season. The quality of your seeds matters as well. So make sure you choose strong seeds that increase the chances of success and are also good financial investments.


It always helps when farmers achieve a successful yield to ensure a healthy bottom line. Precision Agronomics can help improve crop yields through a combination of technology and agronomy services. 



Precision Agronomics is located at 9438 West SR 28 in West Lebanon, IN and is proud to serve: Marshfield, Johnsonville, Foster, Stone Bluff, Bismarck, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information!

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