Importance of Using an Agronomist Who Is Not Selling a Product

Agronomy is a branch of science and technology that focuses on the production and use of various plants and crops, such as food, fuel, and fiber. The field studies crops and the soils where they grow. 


It is the job of the agronomist to bring agronomy from the research facility to farmers. They are the soil and plant scientists that serve as the liaison between the crop researchers and the farmers. 


Some agronomists serve mainly as a "crop doctor" while others are both a doctor and salesman. It is best to use the former instead of the latter for good reasons. 



Importance of an Agronomist who does not sell Products

There are different agronomists, specializing in different fields. One of them is in agronomy sales and management, where the main focus is to provide farmers with product support and advice on how to sell products to consumers, whether in retail or wholesale establishments.


They also take on a management role, where their duties include area or regional sales. They’re also responsible for developing a marketing plan and for training new staff members.


Why work with an agronomist that is not selling or tied to any specific brands or products? 



Focus on Research

There are many things that agronomists research, including genetic engineering, crop productivity, and conservation practices. With such a huge amount of data to deal with, focusing on that instead of trying to make a sale will prove beneficial to farmers and agronomy as a whole.


Without third-party involvement, an agronomist can focus on their research work and in developing strategies for sustainable farming. This is especially useful when a farmer’s focus is a better-realized crop yield.



No Vested Interest

One of the disadvantages of a sales career is the constant pressure to find the next best opportunity. A salesman wants to close a deal in the shortest time possible, so they can get another one. This can result in cutting corners and moving things along without going through the process thoroughly.


With the crop growth and yield dependent on taking the proper steps, problems may arise along the way. On the one hand, the need for a higher yield to make more sales could lead to aggressive farming techniques.


The choice to hire an agronomist with sales focus will depend on the conditions of farm yield. 



Are you satisfied with the crop yield and management on your farm?

If your goal is to achieve yields that reflect or equal to your level of inputs, you should use an agronomist that focuses on the following:

-Crop production and management


-Sustainable development

-Soil and water conservation


If what you need help with is in sales, then work with an agronomist that specializes in sales and management. Since they have knowledge in the production of field crops, they can contribute to both farming and sales.



Whichever is the case, it is important to choose someone who is a good fit with your farm operation. Failure to find a good match could result in poor or misleading advice. This can be very costly and will impact crop yields and profit.  



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