Agronomics and What an Agronomist Does to Help Your Farm 

Agricultural economics or agronomics is an applied field of economics that deals with land use and with the application of economic theory designed to optimize the production and distribution of fiber and food. Below we'll delve into agronomy and custom agronomics.

Some of the major topics that agricultural economics tackle include food and consumer economics, development economics, agricultural environment and natural resources, and production economics and farm management.

Each of these topics encompasses several other sub-areas.

Under food and consumer economics, for example, the focus has moved primarily from farm-level issues to include the study of the economics of consumption of food, the understanding of consumer behavior as influenced by effects of prices and incomes, and the research on how households decide between buying food and preparing it at home. They also look into consumer response to income and price changes.

The people working in this field are called agronomists, many of whom extend their reach beyond the areas of meteorology, plant genetics, plant physiology, and soil science. Today, they are involved in issues that concern food health levels and production, agricultural impact management, and plant-based energy extraction.

Their specialties are often involved in crop rotation, insect and pest control, irrigation and drainage, plant breeding, plant physiology, soil fertility, soil classification, and weed control.


How Agronomists Help Farmers

Agronomists perform a wide range of work, all of which help farmers find ways to better use their land and optimize food production. How do they do this exactly?


Develop Agronomic Practices

They provide agronomic practices and custom agronomics that are geared towards sustainable agriculture.

Farmers can incorporate these practices into their management system to improve the quality of the soil, to enhance how water is used appropriately, to improve how crop residue is managed, and to enhance how fertilizers are better managed for the care and safety of the environment.

Some custom agronomics are also designed to improve a farmer’s bottom line. One good example is the practice of reducing the need to till the soil before each crop is planted.


Act as a Liaison

Agronomists liaise with farmers and researchers to ensure that research findings are used to develop appropriate solutions. They are the ones who will recommend new scientific developments to help farmers in their growing operation.


Perform Research

Apart from reviewing research findings, agronomists perform research themselves with the focus on various areas, including crop productivity, conservation practices, and genetic engineering.


Work with Field Crops

There are agronomists that work with field crops, managing crop planting and harvesting. Part of their work is to implement farming practices that are more efficient. In some cases, they manage recreational areas such as sports fields and golf courses.


Implement Soil and Water Conservation Practices

Scientists and engineers working in the field of agronomy tackle concerns in water quality and soil erosion. They are responsible for finding and implementing practices that will manage runoff, control erosion, and improve the quality of water. 


Develop Sustainable Farming Practices

The role of agronomists working in various fields of agricultural projects is to help farmers develop and implement sustainable practices, ensuring that their farms remain economically viable for the future and with little to no impact on the environment.  

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