Choosing an Agronomist Who Is Independent of Product Sales

Agronomy helps farmers stop playing the guessing game when it comes to their crops. In farming, it always helps to get a bigger yield and agronomists can help achieve that. Technology has come to play a huge part in farming, and growers who want to understand how it leads to better farm decisions can avail the services of an agronomist. In hiring someone for their services, it's important that they work independently. Meaning, the agronomist isn't deriving commission from product sales, which will allow them to provide unbiased advice.



An Agronomist's Job


Farming methods have changed dramatically in the past few years. Technology now plays a much bigger role, and this is an area where agronomists can be of great help. While farmers have adopted the use of technology, not everyone has been able to keep up. An agronomist can come in to provide the information needed to make decisions, be it about crop rotation or fertilizer application.



Agronomists can work for custom agronomic companies that are intent on providing not just highly technical advice, but an independent one as well. Some agronomists have a vested interest in promoting a particular product because they earn a commission off of its sale. However, this isn't the case when you hire an independent agronomist for farming advice.



An independent agronomist doesn't have any commercial bias. They do not earn commission from the sale of a product. They are there to provide comprehensive information that will help you achieve a higher crop yield. Their job includes offering advice on, but not limited to, cultivation, crop nutrition, crop protection, environmental issues, and strategic planning. They are there to provide transparent device and be unbiased in their recommendations.



Towards Bigger Yields


Agronomists from custom agronomic companies work together with farmers. They use their experience to offer the best possible solution to produce the result every grower wants: a larger realized crop yield. They provide the advice for a range of farming needs, and even scout the fields to find presence of disease, insects, weeds, or nutrition issues.



An agronomist provides farmers with the advice they need. If a farmer wants to know if it’s time to plant a certain kind of crop, an agronomist is there to provide an answer to that question. They also inform growers of the best rotation based on the data they got from scouting and testing the field.



A lot of farms have to deal with insects, and it is part of an agronomist's job to monitor for insects and disease. Just like a doctor, an agronomist prescribes the kind of insecticide needed to “cure” the field of its disease. They also inform farmers on the right amount to use.



Agronomists also perform soil tests to determine the nutrients needed for the coming planting season.



Making recommendations that are right for your farm is what an agronomist does. And they don't come up with that information off the bat. Custom agronomic companies, like Precision Agronomics, look at your fields and do actual work. They also use technology and analyze the data it provides to provide you with the information you need to achieve better realized crop yields. 


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